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Terrenos Fuera Y Dentro, 2023

Terrenos Fuera Y Dentro, (Inner and Outer Terrains) is a three-channel video installation that documents a unique tourist attraction, La Caminata Nocturna, a participatory reenactment of an "illegal" border crossing into the United States. Throughout the journey, tourists assume the role of "migrants," and local community members play the roles of gang members, narcos, and border patrol agents.

The installation deftly weaves interviews with the actors, many of whom have lived through actual border-crossing experiences, with their engrossing portrayals of their antagonistic characters. This thoughtful interplay between reality and reenactment challenges preconceptions and prompts profound reflection. Inner and Outer Terrains is a nuanced exploration  a community determined to preserve its identity and culture amid significant challenges, offering a unique and thought-provoking lens into the broader complexities of contemporary migration narratives. 

For a sample of the moving image work please contact my studio. 

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