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Yo Soy Fidel, 2020

Yo Soy Fidel is a captivating two-channel art installation that chronicles the 9-day journey of Fidel Castro's ashes along the road from Havana to Santiago de Cuba. Through evocative visuals and poignant storytelling, this installation captures the emotional landscapes of cities and small towns and delves into the collective grief and reflection of communities as they grapple with the enduring impact of the revolutionary leader's life and ideology.


Yo Soy Fidel offers a compelling exploration of unity, remembrance, and the profound moments of transition, providing viewers with a vivid portrait of a pivotal chapter in Cuban history. The documentation of this historic road trip is a a profound reflection of a nation's journey in the aftermath of an iconic and contentious leader's passing.

For a sample of the moving image work please contact my studio. 


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