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Inner and Outer Terrains

Inner and Outer Terrains is a three-channel video installation documenting a participatory reenactment of an "illegal" border crossing into the United States- for tourists.

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Yo Soy Fidel

Yo Soy Fidel is a two-channel art installation that chronicles the 9-day journey of Fidel Castro's ashes through Cuba, documenting emotional landscapes of cities and exploring the enduring impact of the contentious leader.

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Las Muralistas: Our Walls, Our Stories

A mid-length documentary commissioned by SFMOMA, this film is a love letter to San Francisco’s Mission District, and the muralistas who painted it's colorful walls.


A Move to Innocence

A Move to Innocence (Part 1) is a 12-minute, 2-channel video installation that serves as the first installment of a 4-part series. This work explores the relationship between landscapes, natural forces, violence and the impact of settler colonialism.

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The Earth Did Not Speak

"The Earth Did Not Speak" is a gripping documentary chronicling the haunting events of the Rio Negro Massacres in Guatemala and revealing the resilience of survivors determined to rebuild their community amidst the submerged ruins of their homeland.

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El Soñador

"El Soñador" is an intimate film portrait of Marcos "El Soñador" Alvarez, a blind street musician from El Salvador, and his dreams of overcoming struggles through music in San Francisco.

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